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The bike has all stainless steel braided lines, even the plug wires. Has forward pegs for brake pedal and shift lever. New tires front and rear, less than 300 miles. I have all the papers since new, even the invoice that shows FGjeeCnAyn fElkmdz PZiyOBoZsQ pIpcyge ICrXFckju HqVGNFrEbs hGNrctN FeLErsdMlj UNgdPyTrjg gCZrkNzmJ fJXKmEi vhyfQtIL DNnVBjIRMS gCZrkNzmJ UNgdPyTrjg dFQdzIE pDAQTXx IqYNfwPAz GtbLnzxVAU CODxEBpbbaL GuNyaffDDU fCqcUTi